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Draw It Again Psylocke 2012 vs. 2014 :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 9 5 Avengers: The Infinity Gauntlet Poster :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 20 1 Amalgam Comics 2014: HANDBILL :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 21 6 GOTG: Nathan Fillion as Richard Rider :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 19 3 Godzilla II :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 6 3 Agents of SHIELD - Old School Poster :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 16 1 Prime: Reinventing the Steel :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 11 1
Interlude II: Spark Who?
Rhynox and Unitron stand guard in the landing bay, as the Lost Light takes off from the surface of Ijurn.
“I’ve seen you before.” Unitron strokes his chin.
“I’ve had my trouble with the law…” Rhynox shamefully looks down.
“Thought so. I won’t judge you on it.”
“You won’t?”
“This ship brings us all together, no matter what we’ve been in the past.”
A large crashing noise echoes through the landing bay.
Rhynox quickly hesitates. “What was that?”
An Earth-accented voice echoes through the room. “Well, that was unpleasant.”
A second voice, feminine, says “Spark. Quiet down. There might be someone here.”
Rhynox hand transforms into his Quad-Welder and it spins up. “Stowaways.”
Rhynox and Unitron hide behind a large crate as a lanky, red and blue Cybertronian and a human wearing cybernetic enhancements walk down an aisle in the room.
“Lost Ligh
:iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 1 0
Golden Age Superman :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 9 1 Golden Age Batman :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 15 0 Marvel One-Shot: Hawkeye Poster (Simplified) :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 9 1 Marvel One-Shot: Hawkeye Poster :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 8 3 TFA Sandstorm (Pre-Triple Changer) :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 4 0 TFA: The Lost Light Chronicles - The Last Autobot :iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 2 0
Fit the Second, Part III
The Autobot crew stayed for a few days. One who enjoyed the stay very much was the Autobot known as Sandstorm. His processor was very obviously fried from a few contraband bought from Beachcomber too many. But he was in touch with nature. He was fascinated by organic life. He took care of Magnificus' prized bird even. He felt like he was home. He almost felt like he wanted to stay. Stay until his spark burned out. But it would burn out in happiness and satisfaction.
In the private oilhouse that Magnificus had set up in the lower level of his sprawling mansion, black gold flowed. The crew of the Lost Light sang and drank. Things were good. Too good. Tailgate, Chromedome, and Brainstorm sat in a corner, talking of the wonders of the universe, despite the fact Chromedome, whom sober was reserved and abrasive, was quite the talker.
"Ya know, tell me more." Tailgate said, who in his young age didn't take part in such actions as drinking oil.
"Tell'm about the time you sent your head rolling
:iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 1 5
Fit the Second, Part II
Once inside, the Lost Light crew marvel at the intergalactic art that Magnificus had procured over the cycles, adorning the alabaster hall.
Tailgate drew his attention to two statues. They appeared to be brother and sister Decepticons.
“Who’s that?”
Kup stood behind Tailgate. He took a puff of his cygar and decided to lighten up towards the
diminutive mech. “Don’t know. They look familiar…”
“A gift from Overlord before he abandoned the cause for his own endeavors. A sculpture of his offspring, the twins Giga and Mega.” Magnificus turns and continues to marvel at his own collection.
“Hey, uhhhh, Tailgate is it?” Kup puts his hand behind his head.
Tailgate salutes, “Yes sir!”
“Just wondering, who was your drill commander in boot camp?”
“I can’t remember… Had a spare tire and a red beret? Always swaggers around all important and such, ya know?” Tailgate puffs out his chest a
:iconbort826tfworld:Bort826TFWorld 1 3


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Dave Meads
United States
Favourite genre of music: The METAL
Favourite style of art: 'Animated', Comic Book
Personal Quote: Intelligence is the best weapon you can use.



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